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MBSG Funding

To be eligible for MBSG funding, the MBSG logo must be clearly visible on all event promotional materials. For more information, please visit MBSG Graphic Identity Program.

2016/2017 Funding Application

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In line with its mission, the Marshall Business Student Government (MBSG) is pleased to offer funding to officially recognized Marshall Student Organizations to improve the overall experience of the entire student body.

Eligibility Requirements & General Guidelines:

  • The organization applying for funding must be an officially recognized Marshall Student Organization according to the guidelines of the Student Services Office (JFF 201).
  • The requested funds must be able to be made out to an organization. MBSG will not write a check to an individual. Special circumstances will be dealt with case-by-case.
  • All applications must be emailed to AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO YOUR EVENT. Your organization will receive prompt follow up emails throughout the decision process including, but not limited to, mandatory meeting with the Treasurer, event-specific questions, funding board questions and the decision.
  • If the MBSG funding committee grants the organization request, the money can be used to support only the event for which it was given. 
  • MBSG will not fund internal social events (retreats, etc.) under any circumstances.
  • Applicants who have exhausted alternate sources of funding (USG, Marshall SSO etc.) and whose event will benefit the largest contingency of Marshall Students will be given priority.
  • Each Marshall Student Organization is eligible for up to $300/ semester while funds last. 
  • If you are an organization that does not normally hold events, but you would still like to apply for funding, please email explaining in detail the circumstances surrounding your request. 
  • MBSG reserves the right to partially fund or deny a request.